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Ingentis org.manager enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts of their company or team structure within minutes. 

There are no limits to your creativity for the design, layout, or content of your org chart with org.manager. Whether kept simple for HR related tasks or a more complex organogram with key performance figures of your company, Ingentis org.manager makes it happen.


How does it work?

From any Human Resources management system to your screen - the suitable tool for any data source. Thanks to its direct interfaces to the main human resource management systems the organization charts are always up to date and published in real time. Ingentis org.manager software runs on any Windows Operating system and HTML platforms, and therefore it is accessible from any web browser.


iGrafx’s industry leading tools in process modelling and analysis can be used either on their own or in collaborative environment to benefit from collective process knowledge


iGrafx enterprise modelling incorporates process architecture, business architecture and enterprise architecture into one enterprise-wide platform for process management and improvement, including ERP project management for organizations running SAP.


​iGrafx is a modular and scalable solution that fits your needs and has a collaborative platform that involves all the organization members.


Regardless of size, industry or process maturity, iGrafx products enable organizations to take their process programs to the next level towards process excellence

iGrafx platform.jpg


Ingentis org.manager permite a cualquiera crear y publicar organigramas de su empresa o estructura de equipo en minutos.

Su creatividad no tiene límites para el diseño o el contenido de su organigrama con org.manager. Ya sea simple para tareas relacionadas con RRHH o un organigrama más complejo con cifras clave de rendimiento de su empresa, Ingentis org.manager lo hace posible.


¿Como funciona?


Desde cualquier sistema de gestión de RRHH hasta su pantalla: la herramienta adecuada para cualquier fuente de datos. Gracias a sus interfaces directas con los principales sistemas de gestión de RRHH, los organigramas están siempre actualizados y publicados en tiempo real. El software Ingentis org.manager se ejecuta en cualquier sistema operativo Windows y plataformas HTML, por lo que es accesible desde cualquier navegador web.

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